Our cabinets made of wild Russian cherry wood are shaped with exponential curves and have an integrated severance system for the transducers. This unique system was conceived by M. Emmanuel Lafleur.


The frequency crossovers preserve natural sound purity and increase clarity.  The filters are built using non-conventional techniques and the components are strategically placed inside the cabinet using point to point wiring. Therefore, all materials are of incomparable quality.


Lafleuraudio meticulously controls vibrations generated by the low-end transducers. Combined with our supports, vibrations are all but neutralized and security is enhanced using our stands designed to prevent movement from sound vibrations. These advancements enable the transducers to emit their signal from an extremely stable base.


The precisely measured dispersion performance will surpass every audiophile’s expectations.


The first prototypes came to be after one of Emmanuel’s drawings was transferred by a design architect early 2006.