Press & Reviews

January 2014, Magazine Audio
“Les X1 nous ont littéralement emballé, séduit, captivé. Précision des timbres, dynamique subjective, image stéréo en 3D…”


January 2011, NOVO Audio and Technology Magazine
“There are very few speakers of the size of the X1 that can really stand up in comparison…”


July 2009, Soundstage Ultra
“The Lafleuraudio X1 is a great loudspeaker that can deliver large amounts of musical satisfaction…”


April 2009, Stereophile
“The X1s did indeed produce a superbly detailed, natural-sounding midrange and treble…”


February 2009, Inner Ear
“The X1s are not your average bookshelf speakers, they are a work of art …”


January 2009, The Absolute Sound
“The big dynamic sound and output of the X2 makes it one of many compacts that now compete in a premium category…”


December 2008, CES International, Enjoy the Music
“For over 25 years Emmanuel Lafleur has been developing his passion for high-fidelity audio…”


November 2008,
“A beautifully constructed 2.5 way compact with some sophisticated curvilinear cabinet…”


August 2008, Son & Image
“À première vue, il est clair qu’une somme de travail énorme a été injectée dans la conception et la fabrication de la X1…”


April 2008, Stereophile
“The sound was balanced and detailed, but not fatiguing…”